General questions

General questions

Runalytics analyzes the relative movement in the space (3D) of the leg and the hindfoot body segments. This movement is processed by a mathematical algorithm based on the analysis of the running pattern of hundreds of runners -performed by experts in biomechanics- and finally recommends a type of footwear, depending on his/her running pattern.

Runalytics is the only system in the market that meets the following requirements:

• It is developed under a mathematical algorithm which analyzes the pattern of the user according to studies of experts in biomechanics, offering results with a classification percentage over 95% of accuracy.
• It is based on 3D measures of the leg and the foot movements. Most of the existent systems in the market are based on 2D measures, so they cannot be so accurate. This makes Runalytics much more reliable than any other product in the market.
It uses only one camera, minimizing the equipment required to be installed on the store, and increasing its usability and robustness (less sources of error). It is possible to purchase a second camera to analyze the two legs at the same time.
• Both the interface and the results have been designed specifically thinking in the needs of the sports stores.

Runalytics is a 3D expert analysis system of the running pattern that enables, with a simple 5 minutes test to classify a runner as over-pronator (slight or severe), neutral and underpronator (supinator), depending on his/her running pattern. This analysis helps to recommend a specific footwear depending on the running pattern of the user with a percentage of accuracy over 95%.


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