The algorithm is based on the judgement of experts in biomechanics who have took part in the development of Runalytics. This mathematical algorithm analyzes the running pattern of the user according to studies with hundreds of runners.

Not at all. Runalytics is a 3D expert analysis system of the running pattern that enables, with a simple 5 minutes test, to classify a runner as over-pronator (slight or severe), neutral or underpronator (supinator), depending on his/her running pattern, but if you are suffering any pain or injury you should ask for medical advice.

The system has an accuracy of 95% considering runners who do not suffer relevant injuries. This means that there is only a 5% of the cases that cannot be clearly classified as the stantard running patterns.

Not necessarily, since it depends on your running pattern and the capacity of your pronator´s footwear to compensate such pronation. The system is conceived to work only with neutral footwear, the use of any other kind of footwear could modify the results.

No, the system is optimized to register and analyse only the foot and ankle movements.


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